No Pronoun Poetry: by FRIZELL BAILEY

there’s terror in waking
strapped to a bed
when this was never the expectation
not again at least
10 pairs of eyes focused

only 1 familiar, speaking in stares of pain and fear

a room filled with beeps and bleerps
shouted commands made barely audible
by rants and rattles, growls and grunts
crammed in bodies in panicked states
an array of scrubs in varying colors

this is home

slowly returning to the world in fleeting flashes
an unflinching life grip
no mother to hold
no congratulatory cigars

simple helplessness and horror like before

there will be a price to pay
for all these bodies, sounds
this treatment done out of obligation, duty
or altruism
this business is unfinished

and requires constant feeding

FRIZELL BAILEY is originally from Mississippi, but has called Milwaukee home for the past 14 years. He has spent most of his career as a writer, teacher and scholar. His approach to poetry can best be described as privileging the economy of words.